Funded projects

The Request for Proposals has been posted. Please click here to see it, if you are interested in pursuing funding with us.

One of the goals of the Reinventing Civil Defense project is to fund several “seeded” projects that can provide focal points for re-thinking communication strategies with regards to nuclear risk. These are meant to be “prototype” projects that can be developed over relatively small time frames, studied for their efficacy and impact, and used as exemplars for further work. Our ideal project funding amount might be on the order of several thousand dollars, but there is some flexibility there depending on the project’s nature, the number of people involved, and other factors.

We are especially interested in funding projects that take advantage of non-traditional modes of public communication. By “non-traditional,” we mean approaches that diverge from the traditional, didactic (e.g., “lecture” or “report” style) methods that are common to academic and policy circles. Though we are especially interested in approaches that use emerging technologies (smart phones, augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive web applications, etc.), we are also very open-minded about approaches that, while they may not be technologically innovative, still offer up new opportunities (e.g., theatre, graphic novels, television, film, traditional art mediums).

All project proposals will be approved by the Reinventing Civil Defense co-PIs, as well as our Advisory Committee. Individuals or groups who re interested in receiving funding should get in contact with the Co-PIs first, and we will give instruction on the application process and guidance on funding amounts. Our goal is to minimize hassle and paperwork, while at the same time provide sufficient accountability. Eligibility requirements are as open as we can make them and evaluated on a case-by-case basis; affiliation with academic  or policy institutions is not required.

As the Reinventing Civil Defense project progresses and begins to seed projects, we will include a list of the approved projects here.