The Reinventing Civil Defense project seeks to create frameworks for new kinds of public engagement about nuclear risk. Two workshops will convene a diverse group of stakeholders and experts to foster dialogue, create focal points for discussion, develop new media tools, and create concrete communications strategies that attract a new generation of individuals to engage directly and meaningfully with nuclear issues.

The first workshop (“Leveraging the Past, Understanding the Present”) will draw together practitioners from the emergency response community to present current approaches and strategies and potential opportunities with stakeholders that seek to develop lessons from the past and understand the current state of public opinion on nuclear security. The goal is to create concrete, actionable communication strategies based on the lessons and insights identified. This workshop will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Spring 2018.

The second workshop (“Building the Future”) will curate and expand upon a burgeoning network of stakeholders from the first workshop by adding individuals who have traditionally been outside nuclear policy discussions, including game developers, artists, showrunners, and novelists, among others. The goal is to create communication tools and prototypes targeted at Millennials. This workshop will be held at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Spring 2019.

Participation in the workshops is by invitation only, because space and funds are limited, but if you would like to be considered as a possible participant please get in touch.